Peguis First Nation – Fuller Road Gas Station 

Waasa was hired in July 2019 to build a 1,200 SF gas station north of Selkirk along PR 508 on Peguis First Nation land. Besides 2 pump islands offering diesel and gasoline, the gas station will sell basic convenience products, tobacco, coffee and other beverages. Please find below an impression of the progress. Framing is nearly completed.



Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation hired us to renovate a few kitchen areas and upgrade 2 basements. The kitchens will get new cabinets, range hoods c/w proper duct work venting to the exterior, flooring, baseboards and paint. Following inspection of the first basement, we decided to completely renovate this unit which means new roof, windows, doors, exterior siding, landings, drywall, bathroom upstairs and basement, new kitchen and fully upgraded basement. The work started in May and was completed in Sept. Two community members were hired to help us complete the work. Now that this project has been completed, we are excited to announce we will build more homes in this community starting this Oct with replacing one of the basement upgrades with a completely new 5-bedroom house with 9ft basement walls.



Peguis First Nation – CLT Homes

We completed construction of 11 homes in Peguis First Nation in Oct 2019. These homes have been built with Cross Laminated Timber panels. Cross-laminated timber is composed of multiple lumber boards layered crosswise at 90° angles and bonded together using structural adhesives. A ideal solution for sustainable construction.



Enbridge – Pipe Weights

We were hired by Peguis First Nation to be part of the Enbridge Pipeline Project in the Brandon area. Our crew was in charge of filling approx. 900 super sandbags, specially designed to act as pipe weights. Waasa completed the work in 10 days!


Home Hardware Store

Early December 2018 Waasa coordinated pile installation for the new Home Hardware store in Peguis. Site was cleared and levelled, fencing was erected and piles were successfully installed. Concrete mix was supplied by a local company.